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What is an International Carrier Bond?

An international carrier bond ensures that Ocean Carriers properly manifest all goods and passengers they carry, pay for the overtime services of Customs officers and comply with all regulations related to the clearance of their vehicles at any U.S. Port

How to Calculate an International Carrier Bond Amount

Activity 3 - International Carrier - Continuous: When the bond is to secure activities, including requested overtime services, related to the entry or clearance of vessels, vehicles, or aircraft which arrive directly or indirectly from any place outside the customs territory of the United States, the bond limit of liability amount shall be fixed in an amount the district director may deem necessary to accomplish the purpose for which the bond is given, but not less than $25,000. In addition, the district director has full responsibility for setting bond limits at higher amounts, up to $250,000 as deemed necessary, for carriers with past narcotics violations and/or those originating from high-risk drug areas.

For an Ocean Carrier, the Bond amount is normally $100.000, however, if the port of Miami, Florida to be called by a vessel, the Bond amount is $150.000 mainly due to drug trafficing.


Scan Security, L.C., a Blue Maritime Group company, is an underwriter of such Bonds through a CBP authorized insurance company. The Continuous Bond covers port calls to all U.S. ports and is prepaid for 1 year at a time. The Bond is offered at a fixed cost per year without requiring the Ocean Carrier to establish a Letter of Credit (L/C) for the full bond amount.

The same International Carrier Bond also serves as guarantee for the set-up of an account in the Automated Manifest System (AMS), which is part of the Customs and Border Protection's ACE System.

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